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Modified Materials
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Liquid-solid separation through filtration processes is one of the key operations in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and environmental protection industries. The quality of liquid-solid separation directly affects the quality and efficiency of the next process. With over 30 years of experience in liquid-solid separation, Bolian, a professional filter cloth supplier, offers multiple types of customized liquid-solid filter cloths and diaphragm fabrics that can be used for different types of filters, including tower press filters, horizontal vacuum filters, filter presses, leaf filters, and drum filters.

In the filter fabric market, the regular raw materials include polypropylene, polyester, and polyamide. However, depending on different site conditions, the general service life of these materials is only about 1 to 2 months. This is especially true for tower press filter cloth, which experiences elongation issues due to heavier workloads. To replace the types of filter cloth, users must disconnect and recut the material, which wastes time, increases costs, and lowers production capacity.

To address these issues, Bolian has been actively researching and gathering new resources for better filter cloth material, as well as discovering new manufacturing processes to improve performance. After years of effort, we have finally succeeded. By combining an optimized manufacturing process, we have improved the elongation performance of the filter cloth for sale, while still maintaining the same level of filtration efficiency and accuracy.

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Modified Raw Material Filter Cloth is Proven with the Following Advantages:

  • Long service life: over 12000 cycles reached.

  • High breaking strength: 3-4 times of breaking strength than regular filter cloth products.

  • “0” elongation issue: elongation rate is 6 times lower than polypropylene filter cloth and 4 times lower than polyester filter cloth.

  • Chemical stability: modified raw material filter cloth is both alkali and acid resistant, which is suitable for more complex chemical environments. 

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