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What Are The Characteristics of Polyester, Polypropylene, and Nylon Filter Cloths?

We provide a wide range of filter cloths in different materials, including polyester filter cloth and pp filter cloth(polypropylene filter cloth), playing an important role in industrial filtration in mining and minerals, chemicals, environmental protection, and food and beverage industries.

Polyester filter cloth

  • High temperature resistance: Polyester filter cloth can work in high temperature environment, which usually can withstand temperature ranges of 120℃ to 150℃.

  • Chemical stability: Polyester filter cloth has good corrosion resistance to most chemicals and can be used in strong acid, weak alkali environments. 

  • High strength and abrasion resistance: Polyester filter cloth has high strength and abrasion resistance, which is suitable for high particle concentration environment. 

  • Excellent tensile resistance: Polyester filter cloth has good tensile resistance that can withstand higher filtration pressure. 

  • Easy to clean and reusable: Polyester filter cloth is easy to clean and can be used multiple times with a long service life after proper washing.

Polypropylene filter cloth

  • Light and flexible: Polypropylene filter cloth is relatively lightweight and flexible, making it easy to install and replace. 

  • Acid and alkali resistance: Polypropylene filter cloth has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, which is suitable for the filtration needs of different chemical media.

  • High temperature resistance: Polypropylene filter cloth can withstand higher temperatures, typically ranging from 90°C to 100°C. 

  • Low water absorption: Polypropylene filter cloth has extremely low water absorption, which allows it to maintain good filtration effect even in humid environment. 

  • Good abrasion resistance: Polypropylene filter cloth has good performance on wear-resistance, which is suitable for high particle concentrations filtration environments.

Polyamide  (Nylon) filter cloth

  • Chemical resistance: Nylon has excellent chemical resistance, providing good resistance to many common solvents, oils, and chemicals. This enables nylon filter cloth to withstand chemical environments in various applications.

  • Lightweight: Nylon filter cloth is a relatively lightweight filter media that offers high strength and excellent performance in many applications without adding much weight. This makes the nylon filter cloth very popular in the filtration field.

  • Tensile resistance: Nylon has excellent tensile strength. The fiber structure of nylon is very strong and can withstand high tension without breaking. This allows nylon filter cloth to maintain good performance in high pressure, high flow rate and high particle concentration filtration environment.