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Lithium compounds are widely used in the battery, ceramics, and glass industries. With the explosive growth of electronic products and electronic energy, the battery industry has become the largest consumer of lithium products. The development of lithium batteries in China started relatively late, but with the help of national strategies and the quick development of new energy vehicles, the manufacturing of lithium products is catching up from behind.

Lithium extraction from spodumene and lepidolite are two of the main mature extracting processes. Lithium extraction from lepidolite has a higher industrialization in China due to limited spodumene resources. Jiangxi province has the largest lepidolite resources in China and has gathered those industry leading enterprises to make a large contribution to Lithium battery development.

For the two main lithium extraction processes of dry sintering and wet extraction from lepidolite, Bolian has developed and customized types of filter cloth for different types of filters, including horizontal vacuum belt filters, tower press filters, and filter presses, which are suited for high filtration precision, breaking strength, and overall filtration efficiency.

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Benefits of Lithium

  • For ultra-fine filtration, Bolian developed the filter cloth with high breaking strength and filtration precision.

  • For horizontal vacuum belt filter, Bolian independently developed post-treatment equipment to make a super smooth filter cloth surface.

  • For horizontal filter presses filter, Bolian developed the sealing parts to improve the filtration area and pressure with lowered cake moisture.

  • Uniform filter fabric tension with stable performance woven by imported looms, single width reached up to 4.8 meters.

  • Long service life, liquid recovery rate can reach over 85 percent, good filtration stability and dimensional stability, reasonable cost and energy saving.  

What Can We Offer

  • Product quality testing report.

  • 7*24 response, one stop services with professional technical supports.

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