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Filter Press Media For Gold
Gold Mine

Filter Press Media For Gold

Chinese gold enterprises are mainly Zijin Mining, Shandong Gold and Zhongjin Gold, which account for 80% of the total revenue of China's gold market. Filter press has been widely used in the gold production process, mainly in the cleaning of cyanide concentrate and dry discharge of tailings. Bolian's product filter press cloth is mainly used in their filter press. 

Filter Press Media For Gold

Application of Filter Fabric in Gold Mine

Our clients have 2 sets of filter press filters, which are used for dry discharge of tailings. One of the requirements for the cloth is to withstand the working temperature up to 30 degrees. Bolian has developed a durable filter press cloth for good enough for those conditions. The cloth was vulcanized on all sides, with better sealing, better dimensional stability, with less than 10% cake moisture, and can have a service life up to about 60 days. 

Benefits of Filter Fabric in Nickel Mine

Our service includes collecting client feedbacks with the use of our products, trouble-shooting and making improvements to meet client requirements. With our sustainable development strategy and rich experience in press cloth projects around the world, Bolian is providing our customers with high quality products and services. 

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