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Tissue Forming Belt


The function of the forming belt is to retain the fibers in the pulp. To do so, it requires a large amount of water to be drained, and the retained fibers are transported to the drying process. The forming belt developed by Bolian is made of ultra-fine and high-strength raw materials woven into a three-layer structure through advanced imported machines. Compared with similar products on the market, the three-layer belt has a higher density and better fiber support.

Tissue Solutions

Forming Fabrics/Belts

Bolian has successfully developed and produced tissue products forming belt, which is mainly used in the production of 11-15g/m2 living paper. The belt offers several advantages, including no screen marks, higher forming and pulp retention, strong dewatering ability, high abrasion resistance, and good dimensional stability.

Tissue Machine

The forming fabric developed and produced by Bolian is made of high-quality raw materials that are woven with triple knots using advanced imported equipment. Compared with the general two-and-a-half-layer fabric, the triple layer fabric has a greater density and better fiber support.

Bolian's paper forming fabrics are suitable for paper machine equipment and are primarily used in the manufacture of household paper.

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