Bolian Filtration Solutions Co., Ltd.

Bolian Food-grade Filter Cloth

Bolian is a leading filter fabric manufacturer in the field of solid-liquid separation, providing innovative solutions for food-grade filter cloth in various industries, especially playing a crucial role in the modified starch and beverage industries.

Bolian’s food-grade filter cloth strictly complies with the food grade safety standards set by the FDA and EU, ensuring that each phase from yarn selection to fabric weaving meets food-grade standards.

Applications of Food-grade Filter Cloths

Bolian’s food-grade filter cloths are widely used in food processing industry, ensuring the product quality and food safety.

Modified Starch Industry

Food-grade filter cloth is used to separate starch powders and liquids, ensuring the quality and stability of modified starch. This meets specific production requirements, earning Bolian an excellent reputation in the industry.

Beverage Industry

Food-grade filter cloth plays a crucial role in the juice industry, enhancing product quality, upholding hygiene standards, and meeting market demands.


Bolian’s F-series filter cloth is specially designed to provide solutions for food-grade filter cloths, meeting the industry standards. If you’re in search of industrial filter cloth with food-grade certifications, Bolian is your choice partner. Please feel free to contact us for more details and we will be committed to provide services and support for you.