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Bolian•Filter Press Cloth Passes Food-Grade Certification

People all over the world attach great importance to the safety of food and beverages, as it is always related to health issues, so the food and beverage industry and related regulatory agencies require that every solid and liquid contact item must be manufactured to high standards. Bolian filter press cloths have successfully passed the testing of the Food and Drug Administration and obtained the certification, complying with multiple tests required by U.S. regulations.


As one of the leading filter press cloth suppliers, Bolian provides a full range of filtration solutions, and our filter press cloths are applied to industries including starch, sugar refining, juice, brewing, and edible oils. We possess a professional technical team that provides technical assistance and a full line of imported looms. We select premium raw materials and strictly regulate the production process to offer our customers high-quality products. The filter press cloth is used in filter presses filters. The plates and frames are arranged between each other, with filter cloths covering both sides of the filter plate. A pressing device is used to press the plates and frames, forming a pressure filtration chamber. Bolian filter press cloths are designed for horizontal filter presses with large filtration areas and multiple chambers, and can effectively solve issues such as poor sealing and leakage.

Bolian offers a wide range of products including barrel neck, hanging, and embed types. Polyester, polypropylene and polyamide are the main materials. We supply professional filtration solutions and appropriate filter fabric types, tailored to fit our customers’ requirements and applications. Learn more about horizontal belt filter, leaf filter press

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