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Tower Press Filter Cloths

Tower Press Filter Cloths
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filter press cloth
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Bolian has become a top filter cloth supplier both domestically and overseas, starting from the development of the first patented tower press filter cloth in 1994. Now Bolian currently takes over 90% market share in China for tower press filter cloth and pneumapress cloths. 

Adopting advanced global technology to produce high-quality products is the key to Bolian's development. We source our raw materials, weaving looms, and spare parts from advanced global suppliers in order to produce fine and high-quality products for our customers.

Bolian's well-deserved star product, which is a high breaking strength filter cloth with a low elongation rate, achieved through deep and continuous technology research. Bolian has also developed patented high-density filter cloth with a super smooth surface after thermal setting and calendaring, and non-woven filter cloth that combines the advantages of membrane, non-woven fabrics, and woven fabrics to achieve excellent fabric performance on high filtration accuracy, high breaking strength, stability, etc. This type of filter cloth can be used for Lithium extraction and starch. The filtration accuracy can reach up to 5 um. Bolian tower press filter cloths are widely used in industries such as mining, chemical, metallurgy, food, and environmental protection.

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filter press fabric
cloth filter press
filter press cloth
belt press filter cloth

Product Features of Filter Press Cloths

  • High strength with thermal setting to reach out dimensional stability.

  • Ultrasonic edge sealing process to avoid fraying edges.

  • Super smooth surface to make an easier cake release and washing.

  • High filtration accuracy, up to 5 microns.

Tower Press Filter Cloths Offer Including:

  • PP, PET, PA.

  • Adjust sealed press filter cloth according to equipment needs.

  • For the equipment with a large filtration area, the press cloth solution of air pressure and water pressure preservation is provided.

  • Bolian patent design applied to press filter cloth filter machine.

  • Wide variety of sizes, Impermeable barrel neck, Velcro fastener, Edge reinforcement.

  • Better stability, avoid problems with shrinkage.

Tower Press Filter Belts Specifications

MaterialTypeThickness(mm)Weight(g/m2)Breaking Strength20cm*5cm(N)Air Permeability(L/m2.s)

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