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FAQ of the Industrial Filter Cloth

Filter cloth plays an crucial role in liquid-solid separation. Usage issues occur during production and if not solved promptly, they can affect the service life and filtration effect.


FAQ of the Industrial Filter Cloth:

◆Filter cloth blockage:

Establishing a regular maintenance program, inspection, and cleaning can help extend the service life and ensure the normal operation of the filter.

◆Filter cloth damage:

Regularly inspect the filter cloth surface. Once any damage or wear is detected, it is essential to repair or replace the filter cloth to maintain efficient filtration.

Select appropriate pore size and material according the filter material. Bolian filter cloth, after the calendering process, has a smoother surface, making it easy cake release and long service life.


The development of the filter machine requires the filter cloth with higher mechanical strength, and the low-quality filter cloth will cause serious elongation issues.


This problem may arise due to improper selection, insufficient filter cloth strength, or operating the filter without correcting deviation.

◆Clipper&Glue Coating Falling Off

Improper joint handling and operating methods, as well as low-quality clippers and glue, may lead to the falling off issue.


Improper type selection, excessive filtration accuracy and large air permeability may lead to this problem.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the production of high-quality filter cloth. Bolian offers filter fabric with high density, low elongation, and multiple layers. Every process strictly follows ISO9001 quality inspection standards and national textile industry standards to ensure product quality. Bolian is dedicated to offering customized and effective filtration solutions such as filter press fabricfilter fabric rollnylon mesh cloth for customers.