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Bolian Woven Filter Fabric

Woven filter cloth is a material that can be used for filtration and separation, with a wide range of applications in various industries, including metallurgy, chemical, non-ferrous metal, food processing, and more. Since 1997, Bolian has been specializing in woven industrial filter fabrics for liquid-solid separation and electrolytic diaphragm cloth, among other products. Our products are sold globally.

The fabric weave is how the warp and weft yarns are interlaced, The repeat is the smallest weave unit, when repeated, will produce the design required in the fabric. The most commonly used method of representing a weave is on design paper.

The three basic weaves of woven filter cloth are plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.

1. Plain Weave

The plain weave is the simplest and the most used weave. Each warp yarn passes alternately over one and then under one weft yarn, Two adjacent warp yarns interlace the exact opposite, Therefore, the plain weave makes one repeat by two ends and two picks, There is only one plain weave, but there are many different twill and satin weaves. Unless colors is printed onto the surface, plain weave fabrics are generally considered to be reversible.


2. Twill Weave

The twill weave is characterized by a diagonal line on the cloth .

In a right hand twill, the diagonals run upward to the right. In a left hand twill, the lines run upward to the left.


Yarns used in making twill weave fabrics frequently are tightly twisted and exhibit good strength, In general, twill weave fabrics are strong and durable.

3. Satin Weave

Satin weaves are characterized by having long floats of either warp or weft yarn and nonadjacent interlacing points.


The satin weave fabric has a smooth and lustrous surface, However, the long floats tend to be snagged and abraded easily, Thus, satin fabrics are not as durable as plain or twill weave fabrics.

Bolian provide various products, including tower press filter cloth, horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth, filter press cloth,forming fabrics,etc. We offer customized industrial filter cloth to meet the requirements of different working conditions according to customers’ needs. Bolian has extensive experience in the filtration industry, with nearly 30 years of expertise in researching, developing and producing high-quality products and providing excellent service.