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The Application of Electrolytic Diaphragm Fabric

Maintaining a certain electrolytic level difference is crucial in electrolytic nickel, which refers to the height difference between the external anode liquid level and the internal cathode liquid level of the electrolytic diaphragm bag. This positive value ensures the quality of electrolytic nickel. In nickel electrolysis, there are certain requirements for humidity, filtration performance and material of the diaphragm bags. Typically, the electrolytic diaphragm bag needs a pretreatment before use to enhance its performance and remove any substances that may affect the electrolytic process. 


The electrolytic diaphragm fabric for nickel developed and produced by Bolian are used in the electrolytic refining process of non-ferrous metals and applied to all industrial and mining operations in sulfide and chloride systems. Bolian has over 20 years of production and research and development experience, who also holds independent invention patents. We are the supplier of the world's large nickel smelting company and major nickel-copper smelting companies in China.

As the market diversifies, our developed electrolytic diaphragm bags are widely matched to different requirements. This includes both soluble anode processes such as electrolytic copper, electrolytic nickel, and electrolytic cobalt, as well as insoluble anode processes.


Electrolytic diaphragm fabric for electrolytic nickel



Rich in product types

BoLian offers a diverse range of electrolytic diaphragm cloths, including general-purpose, low-permeability, high-permeability, low-resistance, and corrosion-resistant types. These products can be flexibly selected based on the specific industrial and mining conditions on-site.

Strict control of product quality

During production, the permeability and current resistance are tracked throughout the entire process. Every 20 bags will do a comprehensive test of fabric density, tightness, weight, permeability and current resistivity, which makes Bolian the most professional designer, developer and manufacturer of electrolytic diaphragm cloths worldwide.

ISO9001 management system

Every of the diaphragm bags we sold can be traceable to its raw material, weaving parameters, and customer usage information. We continuously design new fabrics based on electrolysis process upgrades and provide usage guidance for customers to make your choice with reliable technical support.

100% guaranteed stable water permeability

Bolian electrolytic anode filter cloth helps customers save energy and reduce costs, and also have a service life of three months or more. Equipped with advanced test equipment, Bolian can conduct real-time testing and strictly implement European testing standards.