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Nickel Electrolysis Refining

Nickel is a chemical element with symbol Ni and atomic number 28. It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a light golden tinge, and found wide application in the aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical industries. It can form various compounds and alloys, with features of good ductility, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and high strength.




In the late 17th century, a Swedish chemist studied nickel mineral and published a report in 1751, considering it as a new metal named “nickel”. World nickel reserves are mainly found in Canada, Russia, Indonesia, etc.


It is necessary to maintain a certain liquid level difference, which refers to the height difference between the external anode liquid level and the internal cathode liquid level of the diaphragm bag. This height difference should be positive to guarantee the quality of electrowinning nickel. In nickel electrolysis, diaphragm bag’s humidity, filtration performance, material must meet specific requirements. Typically, diaphragm bag necessitates pre-treatment before use to improve performance and remove any substances that might affect the electrolytic procedure. There is a large difference between in the pH values of the solution in the diaphragm bag based on different materials and manufacturing methods. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the pH value stable within the technical conditions.


Bolian electrolytic diaphragm bag, specially designed for electrolytic refining of  non-ferrous metals, is applied to all industrial mines under sulfide and chloride systems. With over 20 years of experience in production and R&D, and holding a self-developed invention patent, Bolian is the supplier of the world’s large nickel smelting group and major nickel and copper smelting companies in China.


The diaphragm bag we have developed can meet the requirements of various processes, including electrolytic copper, electrolytic nickel, electrolytic cobalt for soluble anode process and insoluble anode process. We provide various types such as general-purpose, low water permeability, high water permeability, low resistance, etc. These can be flexibly chosen based on the on-site working conditions. It can guarantee stable water permeability, save energy, and reduce production cost.

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