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Common Questions and Its Solutions to High-capacity Filter Press Cloth

Introduction to high-capacity filter cloth

High-capacity filter press cloth is often used in traditional horizontal filter presses. The filter cloth produced by Bolian especially is applied in high-capacity filter press filters, also known as vulcanized filter cloth or glue-hanging filter cloth. High-capacity filter press filter is a new type of horizontal filter press, with characteristics of low filter cake moisture content, high degree of automation and good washing performance.


  • Due to the deformation and dislocation of the filter plate, the filter plate and the rubber surface of the filter cloth are not fully fitted, resulting in blowing air entering through the rubber edge. 

    Recommended solution:

    Regular cleaning and maintenance. Replace the filter plate and filter cloth regularly. Do not use for longer than the service life of the filter cloth.

  • There are materials on the filter plate due to uncleaned discharge. So when the next cycle is pressurized, the rubber surface is damaged, and blowing air will enter through the rubber edge. 

    Recommended solution:

    Set the pressure value of the equipment at a reasonable level to avoid damage to the machine and the press filter cloth by overloading.


  • The filter plate is not maintained in time or replaced for a long time, resulting in the deformation or uneven surface of the filter plate. The rubber surface is damaged after pressurization, so when the next cycle is pressurized, blowing air will enter through the rubber edge.

      Recommended solution:

     Determine the optimal thickness of the filter cloth rubber by trial and error. Ensure uniform vulcanization. Harden the triangular area of the cloth.



  • The peel strength of the rubber and the filter cloth is not reached during the vulcanization. When the wind blows, it enters through the gap between the filter cloth and the rubber. 

    Recommended solution:

    The filter cloth should fit the plate tightly. Another reed should be added below the original reed to fix the filter cloth.


  •  The filter cloth is not replaced in time when its service life expires. 

    Recommended solution:

    Strict post-treatment process to ensure that the filter cloth will not be deformed, crooked and stretched.