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Vacuum Filtration

In recent years, BOLIAN has made great advances in the field of vacuum filter fabric. Our monofilament filter cloth is used, for example, in horizontal vacuum filters, rotary drum filters, and horizontal disc filters. Double-layer monofilament filter cloth can be produced in widths of up to 4.8 m, and is used in the chemical, mining minerals, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals, sludge dehydration, flue gas de-sulfurization, food, and other industrial liquid-solid separation fields.

Vacuum Filtration Solutions

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloths

We design and develop custom-made high-quality filter media to provide you with the most suitable filter cloth solution. The main material used is polypropylene and polyester; the belt filter cloth can be matched with the vacuum horizontal belt filter with its woven double-layer monofilament fabric structure, and the maximum width of the single cloth can reach 4.8m.

Flue Gas Desulphurization Cloths

Weaving with German imported loom, more stable and high filtration efficiency; anti-folding, the average service life of up to 6 months and more.

Rotary Drum Filter Cloths

Easy to clean, lower chance to clog with lower moisture content of the filter cake; longer service life and reduced cost.

Horizontal Disc Filter Cloths

Abrasion-resistant, not easy to block, strong water permeability, long service life.

Leaf Filter Cloths

Bolian leaf filter cloths are developed and produced specifically for use in vertical leaf filters that are widely used for fine filtration with high efficiency, which mainly covers the industry in sugar, aluminum, and vanadium extraction industries.

Vacuum Filters

Vacuum filters are commonly used in industrial processes for solid-liquid separation. Vacuum filter cloth as the filter media, is an important component of the vacuum filter.

vacuum filter cloth
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vacuum filter fabric
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vacuum belt filter cloth
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