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Tower Press Filter Cloth Raw Material Selection

Tower press filter cloth is a vital filter element used in tower press filters, as it’s the key to determine the effect of liquid-solid separation. Therefore, it is crucial to select appropriate filter cloth materials, which directly affects the filtration efficiency, durability and application range.


Polyester and polypropylene are suitable for the automatic tower press filter. In acidic and weak alkaline conditions, the polyester filter cloth is recommended, as it has a low elongation and good abrasion resistance. Polypropylene filter cloth was used under strong alkaline conditions. Nylon, Vinylon and other materials are selected for special working conditions.

As one of the leading filter cloth manufacturers, Bolian has developed and produced premium tower press filter cloths which are mainly made of polyester, polypropylene (through FDA food grade certification). With dozens of types, they are designed to meet different working conditions.