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The Filtering Method Applied to the Product

Solid-liquid separation: It refers to the mechanical techniques of separating discrete insoluble solid particles from liquids, including filtration, centrifugal force separation, etc.


Filtration: It is the process of using a filtration medium or a porous membrane to intercept insoluble particles in liquids. There are two main types: filter cake filtration and clarification filtration.


  • Cake filtration: Surface filtration refers to the suspended particles being trapped by the surface of the press filter cloth during filtration, and then the filter cake, which gradually thickens, continues to intercept the particles. To concentrate and recover solid suspensions containing more than 1% content and the diameter of particles greater than 1um, the primary filtration methods include vacuum filtration, pressure filtration, centrifugal filtration, and press filtration.


  • Clarification filtration: The objective is to obtain a clarified liquid for low-solidity solutions with small particles. Suspended particles with small diameter(in the tens of microns) and suspensions with a mass fraction of 10-6-10-4 are intercepted by the interstices of sand, activated carbon and other granules. The main filtration methods include particle layer filtration, direct filtration, membrane filtration, electromagnetic filtration, and filter aid filtration. Bolian filter cloth products are mainly used in vacuum belt filters, vertical filter presses, horizontal filter presses, rotary drum vacuum filters, nickel electrolysis, etc.

Vacuum belt filter 

Features: A circular friction belt is provided between the vacuum box and the tape. It is sealed and lubricated with water, which maintains a high vacuum level and helps to minimize the friction of the rubber band.


Applicable products: polypropylene double layer monofilament, polyester double layer multifilament, double layer monofilament, single layer monofilament, etc


Tower filter press

Features: It offers advantages such as covering a small area, good filtration efficiency, large production capacity, flexible operation, east maintenance, etc.


Applicable products: polypropylene monofilament, polypropylene multi-monofilament, polyester multi-monofilament, polyester multifilament, etc.


Horizontal filter press

Features: It has advantages of high filter driving force, high solid content of filter cake, clear filter, high rate of solid recovery

large filter driving force, high solid content of filter cake, clear filtrate, high solid recovery rate, low consumption of conditioning drugs and other advantages.


Applicable products: polypropylene monofilament, nylon monofilament, polyester monofilament, etc.


Drum filter

Features: The drum part is immersed in the suspension, and the drum rotation is driven by the motor through the transmission device.


 Nickel electrolysis

Electrolysis: The electrolytic diaphragm fabric developed and produced by Bolian is used in electrolytic refining and applied to various industrial and mining operations in vulcanization and chlorination systems. Bolian has over 20 years of experience in development and production, with independent research patents. We have been a supplier to the world's largest nickel smelting company and major nickel-copper smelting companies in China.