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Filter Fabric Used in Starch Industry

Filter Fabric Used in Starch Industry

Vertical filter cloth in the starch industry

In the United States, the vertical filter press is applied in the filtration of starch with 5-10μm particle size, and the technical difficulty of this industry is the filtration of ultra-fine particles. The common filtration problem of such products is leakage, so the ultra-low permeability vertical filter press cloth is the key to solving the problem in this industry.

Filter Fabric Used in Starch Industry

Application of Filter Fabric in Starch Industry

Starch has become one of the important auxiliary raw materials for industry, and is widely used in food, paper making, textile, construction, medicine and other industries. Bolian vertical filter cloth is also widely used in the starch industry.

Benefits of Filter Fabric in Starch Industry

After years of research and development and testing, Bo Lian's technical team has developed ultra-fine vertical filter cloth, which can greatly improve the filtration precision up to 5-10μm on the basis of maintaining the original vertical filter cloth's characteristics of stretch resistance and long service life. The ultra-high-precision vertical filter cloth produced by Bolian has been successfully applied in the starch industry, helping customers to solve the problem of ultra-fine particle filtration.

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