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Bolian Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth for V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide)
Divanadium Pentaoxide (V2O5)

Bolian Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth for V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide)

Horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth is commonly used for filtering vanadium pentoxide in industries such as metallurgy and chemical engineering, primarily for steel production, alloy manufacturing, and catalyst production. A horizontal vacuum belt filter is typically used for filtering vanadium pentoxide, which uses a continuous belt to filter the slurry. The belt is usually made of synthetic materials such as polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, or nylon filter cloth, which are resistant to the chemical and physical properties of vanadium pentoxide.


The filter cloths used in horizontal vacuum belt filters is specially designed to provide efficient filtration and cake formation. The cloth is made up of a series of layers, including a base layer, a support layer, and a filtration layer. The filtration layer is typically made of a fine mesh that allows the liquid to pass through while retaining the solid particles.


To ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum belt filter cloths, it is important to maintain the correct tension on the belt and to regularly clean and maintain the filter. This can help to extend the life of the filtration cloth and ensure optimal performance in filtering vanadium pentoxide.

Bolian Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth for V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide)

Services of Filter Fabric in Vanadium Pentoxide

Through analysis on site, we found that traditional non-woven fabrics are easy to cause blockage, have weak dimensional stability become heavier while filtration, and are inconvenient to disassemble. Based on the above analysis Bolian uses horizontal vacuum filter cloth to replace the non-woven fabric and it turns out that service life extends to over 5 months with lower cake moisture.

Benefits of Filter Fabric in Vanadium Pentoxide

High filtration efficiency, easier cake release, longer service life, lower cake moisture. 

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