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Industrial Filter Cloth for Liquid -solid Separation

Liquid-solid separation, the separation of solid particles or other impurities from liquids, is a critical process of industrial production. As a common filter media, industrial filter cloths play a vital role in the process, widely used in industries such as mining, environmental protection, chemicals, and food and beverage.

1. Environmental Protection

Industrial filter cloth is mainly used in environmental protection for wastewater treatment and flue gas desulfurization(FGD). After treatment, it effectively diminishes water and air pollution, which is helpful for protecting the environment.

2. Mining and Minerals

In mining production, a large amount of industrial raw materials such as slurry, waste residue, and tailings are generated. Industrial filter cloth is used to refine these materials to improve their purity and quality.

3. Chemicals

Industrial filter cloth finds extensive applications in filtering and separating various chemical substances and metal ores in fine chemistry and metal processing industries.

4. Food&Beverage

The industries including starch, sugar refining, brewing, and juice have strict requirements for industrial filter cloths, which must successfully pass food-grade testing due to health concerns.


Introduction to Bolian Industrial Filter Cloth

Bolian has been specializing in the design and development of industrial filter cloths for over 30 years. We offer one-stop filtration solutions, which can be customized based on different applications and sites, to enhance your production capacity.

1. Pressure Filter Cloth

The filter press cloth is made of fine woven fibre materials, with the characteristic of high filtration accuracy. As one of the leading filter press cloth suppliers, We provide various types of filter cloths, which can be applied to tower press filters, filter presses, etc.

2. Vacuum Filter Cloth

Bolian vacuum filter cloth consists of a series of mono-filament fabrics and multi-filament fabrics. The maximum single width of double-layer mono-filament can reach 4.8 meters, which can be used for horizontal vacuum filters, rotary drum filters, and disc filters.


3. Electrolytic Diaphragm Cloth

Electrolytic diaphragm cloth is used in the electrolysis process for non-ferrous metals, such as nickel, copper, and cobalt. In the electrolysis process, electrolytic diaphragm cloth can stabilize the water permeability, maintain stable liquid level difference and lower resistivity, thus saving energy and reducing consumption.