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Bolian provides filtration solutions to a wide variety of global industries.
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Filter Fabric
We focus on quality filter cloth, backed by a strong R&D team.
Your Leading Global Industrial Filter Fabric Manufacturer

Bolian is a leading filter cloth manufacturer and supplier in China and also an expansive company with an international reputation. Supported by efficient production lines and quality control, Bolian is devoted to providing services to its clients by applying the right industrial filter fabrics to their production process and optimizing the best solutions for their filtration needs. 

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High Quality Industrial Filter Cloth From Bolian
Bolian offers high quality China filter media products to equip all variants of filter machines, including Tower Press Filter Cloths, Horizontal Filter Belts, Filter Press Cloths, and Electrolytic Diaphragm Bags. With our innovative team, we can design our products towards to your needs and applications.
Your Leading Global Supplier Of Industrial Filter Cloth
30 Years


14 Patents

Technology Patents 

2 Million M2

Million Sq. Meter Annual  Production Capacity

40,000 M2

Sq. Meter Production Base

Global Filtration Industries
Bolian is aimed at providing filtration solutions to global industries including Mining and Minerals, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Environmental and Tissue.
Filter Fabric for Mining and Minerals
Bolian has become the designated filter cloth supplier for the world's large copper-nickel producer, Zijin Mining and China's large aluminum industry.
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Filter Fabric for Chemicals
Our extensive experience includes providing innovative solutions for the production of specialty chemicals, zeolites and catalysts, polymers, alumina, and a broad range of other products.
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Food Grade Filter Cloth for Food & Beverage
In the food industry, efficient and economic liquid-solid separation is a vital process and the key to proper product. Bolian offers a wide range of filters and filter media designed for use on various equipments.
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Filter Fabric for Environmental
Meet your environmental sustainability targets in coolant filtration, wet FGD processing, waste, process, or potable water treatment by using Sefar filters and screens. We contribute to lessening the effect of power generation on the Earth's and people's health in several ways.
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Filter Fabric for Tissue
Bolian flexible tissue-making technology provides sustainable production of all types of grades from plain to textured and structured tissue products with high quality.
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Notices for Using Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth
Apr 11, 2024
Industrial filter cloth is a critical part of the production process, and its service life directly affects equipment stability and production efficiency. To ensure the performance and service life of...
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Affects of filter cloth raw materials on filtration effect
Mar 25, 2024
The vertical filter press cloth for a fully-automatic press filter. based on the fiber structure, has three types: staple yarn, filament, and monofilament. The filtration effect of different filter fa...
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Bolian·Application of Horizontal vacuum filter belt
Mar 22, 2024
Horizontal vacuum filter belt is specially designed for the process of solid-liquid separation in belt filters. Bolian fabric with different knitting structures and yarns can make separation and cake ...
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2023 Asia-Pacific's International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX)is coming
Aug 15, 2023
Australia is located between the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, consisting of the Australian mainland, Tasmania and other islands and overseas territories. Australia is an energy and mineral-rich co...
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Feb 14, 2023