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BOLIAN · Filter Cloth for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

At the start of the electric power popularization, over 70% of domestic lithium resources depended on imports. Domestic lithium resources were poor and required concentration and purification processes before production, leading to inadequate industrial development. With the explosive growth of lithium materials in electric vehicles, China has started to develop lithium extraction technology from lithium ores, making lithium ores a significant resource for industrial development.


As one of professional filter press cloth manufacturers, based on the process of lithium carbonate extraction from lithium ore, Bolian develops and produces the types of filter cloth for the horizontal belt filter.

Bolian Horizontal Vacuum Filter Cloth Features

  • High strength, small deformation
    The filter cloth for sale is woven with high-tension and ultra-wide weaving equipment, ensuring the production stability of high-density fabrics.

  • Smooth surface, easy cake release
    We have self-developed and patented post-treatment equipment, which ensures a smooth product surface and filtration accuracy.

  • Long service life, anti-blockage
    The special method for high-strength, low-extension fabrics enhances the durability of the filter cloth.

  • Clear filtrates, dry filter cake
    We will adjust the specifications of the filter cloth according to different working conditions, ensuring the filtration effect during running.