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Diaphragm Fabric Used In Nickel

Diaphragm Fabric Used In Nickel

Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, located in Jinchang, Gansu Province. It is a large mining, mainly producing nickel, cobalt, copper and related deep processing products. With large copper-nickel sulfide deposits, it is the largest nickel and cobalt production base in China and has a strong influence in the global industry. 

Diaphragm Fabric Used In Nickel

Application of Filter Fabric in Nickel Mine

Bolian has cooperated with Jinchuan Group for many years and our electrolytic diaphragm bags are used in their nickel smelters for the electrolytic system of pure nickel sulfate. The diaphragm bag is used in the melting anode process, and non-melting anode process. 

The diaphragm bag of Bolian company currently used have liquid level difference guarantee rate is more than 97% to ensure the production of high-quality level difference to the lowest resistivity, to save energy, so that the production cost is greatly reduced. 

Benefits of Filter Fabric in Nickel Mine

With over ten years in cooperation in technical exchanges, we have worked together with our clients to resolve any changes to conditions, and have in turn increased the service life of the diaphragm bag, and improved the quality of nickel plate. 

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