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11, 2023
How to Choose the Best Performing Tower Press Filter Cloths
Filter cloth is a critical component of the filter and the filtration process is the separation of the materials by the filter cloth. Developing filter cloth is to serve the filtration processes, and ...
11, 2023
Bolian Liquid-solid Separation | Global Industrial Filter Cloth Manufacturer
Bolian Filtration, as a leading industrial filter cloth manufacturer, has rich experience in the filed of liquid-solid separation, extensive technical resources, and advanced production processes.Afte...
10, 2023
Nickel Electrolysis Refining
Nickel is a chemical element with symbol Ni and atomic number 28. It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a light golden tinge, and found wide application in the aviation, navigation, petroleum, che...
10, 2023
Fine Filtration Makes Liquid-solid Separation More Efficient
Vertical press filter cloth is one of the star products from Bolian, patented in 1994. Over nearly 30 years, it is used in Larox, Roxia, Pneumapress, and various domestic vertical filters. From raw ya...
10, 2023
Industrial Filter Cloth for Liquid -solid Separation
Liquid-solid separation, the separation of solid particles or other impurities from liquids, is an critical process of industrial production. As a common filter media, industrial filter cloths plays a...
10, 2023
Bolian•Filter Press Cloth Passes Food-Grade Certification
People all over the world attaches great importance to the safety of food and beverages, as it is always related to health issues, so the food and beverage industry and related regulatory agencies req...
09, 2023
Bolian Food-grade Filter Cloth
Bolian is a leading filter fabric manufacturer in the field of solid-liquid separation, providing innovative solutions for food-grade filter cloth in various industries, especially playing a crucial r...
09, 2023
Tower Press Filter Cloth Raw Material Selection
Tower press filter cloth is a vital filter element used in tower press filters, as it’s the key to determine the effect of liquid-solid separation. Therefore, it is crucial to select appropriate filt...
09, 2023
The Filtering Method Applied to the Product
Solid-liquid separation: It refers to the mechanical techniques of separating discrete insoluble solid particles from liquids, including filtration, centrifugal force separation, etc. Filtration: It i...
08, 2023
Common Questions and Its Solutions to High-capacity Filter Press Cloth
Introduction to high-capacity filter clothHigh-capacity filter press cloth is often used in traditional horizontal filter presses. The filter cloth produced by Bolian especially is applied in high-cap...