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07, 2024
Key words: filter press cloth, horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth, electrolytic diaphragm bag, tissue forming belt, filter clothLIAONING BOLIAN FILTRATION SOLUTIONS was established in 2008 (formerly ...
07, 2024
Air Permeability of Fabric
Key words: industrial filter cloth, filter fabric, monofilament cloth, multifilament cloth
06, 2024
The Source of Quality Control for Filter Cloth - Yarns
YarnsYarns are the fundamental elements for woven filter fabrics. In traditional textile manufacturing, it has been common first to make yarn from fibers, and then produce a fabric from the yarn. Gene...
06, 2024
Monofilament Filter Cloth
Keywords: filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth, filter press cloth Monofilament filter cloth is woven from monofilament fiber through direct weaving, with appro...
06, 2024
Bolian Woven Filter Fabric
Woven filter cloth is a material that can be used for filtration and separation, with a wide range of applications in various industries, including metallurgy, chemical, non-ferrous metal, food proces...
05, 2024
Bolian's New Workshop Has Been Put Into Operation
The new production workshop has been put into operation after nearly one year of construction. The new workshop, covering an area of 3,600 square meters, not only demonstrates our technical strength, ...
05, 2024
Yarn Quality Requirements for Weaving
Weaving is the main process that affects the filter cloth quality. To improve product quality, it is important to improve the weaving quality, reducing broken ends and broken picks, clear openings, un...
05, 2024
Safe Production, Quality Assurance
In March, Bolian conducted a comprehensive production safety inspection, aiming at discovering and addressing potential safety hazards promptly and solve them. Every aspect of this inspection was tho...
04, 2024
Notices for Using Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth
Industrial filter cloth is a critical part of the production process, and its service life directly affects equipment stability and production efficiency. To ensure the performance and service life of...
03, 2024
Affects of filter cloth raw materials on filtration effect
The vertical filter press cloth for a fully-automatic press filter. based on the fiber structure, has three types: staple yarn, filament, and monofilament. The filtration effect of different filter fa...