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Application of Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth

Introduction of Horizontal Belt Filter:

The vacuum belt filter is a highly automated new type of filtration equipment. It uses filter cloth or filter mesh as the medium to evenly distribute the slurry on the filtering medium, achieving solid-liquid separation through the combination of gravity and vacuum suction. It has advantages such as a simple structure, high dewatering efficiency, efficient filtration, low energy consumption, low noise, high automation, and easy maintenance.

Introduction of Horizontal Vacuum Filter Cloth:

The horizontal vacuum belt filter cloths produced by Bolian Company are mainly used for wide-width belt filter machines, with a maximum width of 4.8 meters. It is woven with advanced looms.

The product has uniform air permeability, good stability, and low cake moisture content. We can produce ultra-wide filter cloths of different specifications according to the process requirements. It is applied in various industries, including chemical, and light industries, and involves areas such as non-ferrous metals, power plant desulfurization, pharmaceuticals, sugar refining, alumina production, and wastewater treatment.

The series of products for horizontal belt filter cloth.

Double-layer Monofilament Cloth Series

This product has a double-layer woven structure, with one layer as the "cake side" and the other layer as the support layer. These two layers are weaved together by a special weaving pattern. Because of the strong support of the bottom layer, the filter cloth mechanical strength is strongly improved. Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) are the main materials used.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Belt Series (FGD)

To ensure the quality of the filter cloth, Bolian, one of the professional filter cloth manufacturers, produces European loom and efficiency filtration with an average service life of 6 months or more. It is mainly used in power plants and gypsum desulfurization.

Phosphoric Acid Filter Cloth Series

This series features a single-layer monofilament fabric structure and is mainly used in the phosphoric acid industry.

Application of Horizontal Belt Filter Cloth

Mining Industry

In the metallurgical industry, a horizontal vacuum filter fabric is specially used in alumina oxide, red mud filtration, gold refining, and copper concentrate.

Chemical Industry

Mainly used in processes such as phosphoric acid, catalysts, and wastewater treatment.

Environmental Industry

It is mainly used in processes such as power plants, tissue Industry, metallurgy, and wastewater treatment.

By efficient filtration, it minimizes the release of pollutants into the environment. This helps to protect water sources, reduce environmental impact, and promote environmental sustainability.