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BOLIAN | How to Filtrate and Separate Red Mud in Alumina Plant

It is well-known that leaf filter filtration includes three processes: red mud washing, fine liquid filtration, and crystal washing. The leaf filter cloth is used in the process of alumina red mud filtration. Due to the high viscosity of the settled red mud, it’s difficult to separate the solid and liquid during the washing, and to remove it from the filter media. Therefore, the leaf filter cloth should have good mesh stability and cake release, ensuring product quality and maximizing the washing effect. 


Bolian leaf filter cloth is used in the settlement workshop of the aluminum plant of a large group, which is highly recognized by customers. It can greatly improve the efficiency of 90% and reduce the cost of 30% compared to the previous year. The life cycle exceeds that of similar products previously used by the group, and the filtrate floating matter meets the group’s requirements. The filtration cloth has better stability than similar products. Bolian products are made with fine workmanship and attention to details. Bolian polypropylene multi-filament leaf filter cloth has fast cake release and effective filtration performance, reducing the cost.

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