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Filter Fabric Used in Lithium Industry

Filter Fabric Used in Lithium Industry

China is rich in lepidolite resources, mainly located in Southern China. Lepidolite is a subspecies of mica that is mainly used in insulation applications. In recent years it has been used to refine lithium carbonate which is an inorganic compound and an important chemical raw material for new energy batteries. 

Filter Fabric Used in Lithium Industry

Filter Media Fabrics for Lepidolite

Bolian’s current polypropylene series horizontal vacuum belt filter fabric has been widely used in the leaching process of lepidolite. It can process 1.2-1.5m³ per ㎡/h, with the thickness of the filter cake at 20mm and has a service life in continuous operation up to 3 months. Polypropylene filter cloth has acid resistance characteristics, with excellent alkali resistance, and strong wear and tear resilience and stable chemical properties which is ideal for the process for Lepidolite. 

Beneficial Properties of Filter Media Fabric

The main materials used for the horizontal filter cloths are polypropylene and polyester filter cloth. A single width can be up to 4.8 meters, with balance in the weaving of the materials making it resistant to acid and alkali, anti-clogging, good dimensional stability and other advantages. The filter cloth is deliberately made smooth for easy cake release, durable longer service life. Each production process is in strict accordance with ISO9001, to ensure the company’s consistent standards. 

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