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Notices for Using Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth

Industrial filter cloth is a critical part of the production process, and its service life directly affects equipment stability and production efficiency. To ensure the performance and service life of the filter cloth, please refer to the following steps when using the belt filter cloth during installation and operation.


Installation and use: Avoid scraping the filter cloth with sharp tools, which will cause unnecessary damage and affect the service life.


Regular cleaning: According to material conditions, it’s necessary to do regular cleaning and use the appropriate detergent, to maintain good filtration performance and prolong the service life of belt filter cloth.

Selection of cleaning tools: When cleaning filter cloth, it is recommended to use a brush instead of a wire brush to avoid damaging the cloth.

Cleaning before stop: Before stopping use, cleaning the filter cloth and the material on the machine guide rollers can prevent the filter cloth from blockage or damage.

Size customization: The dimension should be confirmed as no matter the cloth is too wide or too long can negatively impact its effectiveness.

Stable feeding and concentration: To maintain excellent filtration efficiency and the service life of the filter cloth, it is important to ensure the feeding volume and material consistency, and the vacuum (negative pressure) meets standards.

Storage:To keep the filter cloth in good condition, it should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated indoors to prevent moisture. The fabric should be kept on the original pallet or in the original box during storage to avoid any mechanical stress that could damage the fabric structure.


By following these precautions, you can effectively increase the service life of filter fabrics, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the continuous efficient operation of equipment.