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Pressure Filtration

Bolian Filtration Solutions has many years of rich experience in producing and developing pressure filter fabrics for various pressure filtration machines, including Tower Press Filters, Filter Presses, and Leaf Filter machines, etc. Filter cloth supplier Bolian uses advanced European industrial production line and self-developed equipment for finishing process, ensuring high tensile strength. Additionally, a group of highly trained experts can provide customized filtration solutions to meet each customer's specific needs.

Pressure Filtration Solutions

Bolian Company has many years of rich experience in the production and development of vertical filter cloth, for LAROX, ROXIA and other vertical filter equipment.

Tower Press Filter Cloths

Bolian Tower Press Filter Cloths have excellent dimensional stability, filtration accuracy, and high durability, which make Bolian one of the leading brands. Bolian works closely with customers worldwide in Mining and Minerals, Chemicals, Food, Environmental Protection, Water Treatment, and other industries.

Filter Press Cloths

Bolian filter presses cloth is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, fuel, mining, cement, etc. Due to its excellent performance on acid-alkali resistance, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, which benefits the sealing performance, energy and water saving.

Pressure Filters

The filter presses used in industrial solid-liquid separation, which is widely used in chemical, mining, food and sewage treatment, etc. industries due to its advantages of excellent dewatering efficiency, high production capacity, and energy savings.

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