Bolian Filtration Solutions Co., Ltd.

Bolian·Produce Global Products With Global Technology

Bolian has been specializing in solid-liquid separation for nearly 30 years, with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing industrial filter cloths. We provide excellent filtration products and solutions for various industries, including metallurgy, mining, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, and pulp and paper.


Bolian's R&D center, with over 20 researchers, integrates technical support and new product development. We have an independent lab equipped with multiple international filter fabric performance testing equipment for real-time online testing. This ensures strict quality control and accurate data protection system for product quality.

Bolian has been in the leading position in developing high-quality filtration cloth. In recent years, we have made significant investments in scientific research. In 2022, new products, including forming fabrics, lithium filter cloths, phosphoric acid filter cloths, filter press clothfilter fabric rollpolypropylene filter fabric and electrolytic diaphragm cloths entered the market. These products have won high recognition in both domestic and overseas markets due to their excellent quality.



In 2022, we made significant breakthroughs in technology research and development. Our invention of "Ultrasonic sealing and cutting machine with automatic drafting and video correction functions and the use method" was successfully approved and obtained the patent certification. Additionally, we also received industry honors such as "New Special Enterprise" from the national textile industry.


In 2023, Bolian demonstrated strong resilience and vitality in domestic and international cooperation by signing various major projects and orders. The results of this cooperation have exceeded expectations. In the future, Bolian will continue to promote Made in China to the international market through its sustainable development strategy and rich experience in global filter cloth projects.