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Filter Fabric Necessary Parameters


Ingredient: Polypropylene(PP); Polyester(PET); Polyamide(PA).

Fabric structure: Plain, twill, satin, and double weaves.



Unit: Domestic commonly used-nds/10cm; foreign commonly used-ends/inch.

Conversion: ends/10cm=0.254 ends/inch



Domestic commonly used g/m2; foreign commonly used oz/yd2;

1g/m2=0.03oz/ yd2

Test method:

①Cut a fabric sample

②Measure and calculate the area

③Weigh the sample

④Calculation: grams=weight/area

Industry-standard tolerance: weight:g/m2±5%





Unit: Domestic commonly used mm, foreign commonly used μm;1mm=1000μm

Measurement method: Multi-site testing and take the average value.



Air permeability

Pay attention to the testing condition.

1. Domestic commonly used L/m2/s@test pressure 200pa, test area 20cm2;

2. European commonly used L/dm2/min=dm2/min@test pressure 200pa, test area 20cm2;

3. American commonly used cfm@test pressure 125pa, test area 38cm2.

Based on the actual measurement: 1L/m2/s=0.6L/dm2/min=0.197cfm

Measurement method: Air permeability test equipment

Industry-standard tolerance: Multi-filament cloth±20%; mono-filament cloth±25%


Breaking strength:

Domestic industry standard:N@5*20cm(test area); foreign commonly used:KN/M.

Conversion: Theoretical value 50N/5cm=KN/M, based on the actual measurement.


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