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Filter Fabric for Copper Slurry

Filter Fabric for Copper Slurry

Chile is one of the richest countries in mineral mines. It has the world’s largest copper producer and second largest in lithium amongst other mineral resources.  

Filter Fabric for Copper Slurry

Application of Filter Fabric in Copper Concentrates

The filtration treatment during the process of turning raw ore into the slurry to be filtrated, requires the filter cloth to meet specs accordingly to avoid issues; such as the flexibility to shorten the cloth when elongation occurs, higher wear and tear resistance for harsh work conditions and acid/alkali resistant levels to be set accordingly. The moisture content of the filter cake, blockage, and cake release are all dependent on the quality of the filter media used and directly affect the user's production capacity and final product quality.

The vertical filter cloth produced by Bolian is used for the separation of solid/liquid in the Copper slurry dewatering. To suit different working conditions, filter fabric manufacturer Bolian has developed suitable products, mainly using polypropylene and polyester materials. By selecting high-quality raw materials, advanced imported equipment, and a sophisticated to produce quality filter cloth products.

Benefits of Filter Fabric in Copper Concentrates

After fully understanding the client’s situation, Bolian came up with a set of customized solutions, such as the selection of more appropriate materials, customized processing technology and so on. After testing, the service life can reach a stable 8000+ cycle, and there is no elongation problem, the user from now on without downtime to solve the elongation problem, but also solves the minor blockage problem, far beyond the user's expectations. After more than two years of supply, the performance of Bolian filter cloth is still stable, and Bolian has been highly recognized by users.

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