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Electrolytic Diaphragm Fabric for Anode Processing

After more than two years of research, development, testing, and production, we have successfully completed a new product specifically for the production of nickel by the electrolytic nickel anode process. In April 2021, Chairman Xue Xiaotong reached a long-term and stable strategic cooperation agreement with the world's largest nickel smelting group and signed an annual supply agreement. The two parties have started an in-depth cooperation in the field of vertical filter cloth and electrolytic diaphragm cloth products.

The parties have been cooperating for nearly 20 years and have always maintained a very good strategic partnership. We have been supplying electrolytic diaphragm cloth products for many years and have successfully developed and produced products for a new process of nickel electrolysis. Supported by a technical production research team, each production process is strictly checked and controlled, from the selection of raw materials to the final product. European testing standards are strictly enforced to ensure stable water permeability and liquid level difference, and the use cycle can be more than three months. This saves energy, reduces losses, and ensures the production of high-quality electrolytic nickel.

As one of the professional filter cloth manufacturers, have a strong production capacity and an internationally-leading production process, which provides for a long-term and stable supply. We have comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales [I don't know what in-sales means. Why not remove pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, so that it reads, "We have a comprehensive technical service system"?] and after-sales technical service system, and continue to focus on the liquid-solid separation field and fine weaving, and provide one-stop industrial filter cloth solutions for global customers!

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