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How to Choose Industrial Filter Cloth?

Filter cloth is an essential component of a filter press. Choosing the right industrial filter cloth will help you achieve drier filter cakes, optimal filtration performance, and extended lifespan, leading to improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs of the filter press.


When choosing industrial filter cloth, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the filter cloth itself and the operating conditions. The market offers a wide range of types, materials, and models of industrial filter cloth. Here are some key factors to consider for selecting the appropriate industrial filter cloth:

1. Filtration Application: Assess the specific filtration process and the nature of the substances being filtered. This will help determine the filter cloth characteristics required for effective filtration. Different applications may demand specific filter cloth properties.

2. Filter Equipment: Consider the type of filtration equipment in use, such as whether it utilizes a single-thread or multi-thread filter cloth. The selection should align with the equipment's design and requirements.

3. Operating Conditions: Take into account the temperature and pH levels of the operating environment. It is essential to choose a filter cloth material that is compatible with the specific conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

4. Material Viscosity: Evaluate the viscosity of the materials being filtered. For high-viscosity substances, it is recommended to avoid non-calendered filter cloth or multi-thread filter cloth. Select a cloth that can effectively handle the viscosity of the material for efficient filtration.

5. Filtration Precision: Determine the desired filtration precision based on the specific filtration requirements. Clarification filtration and cake filtration have different precision needs. Choose a filter cloth that can achieve the desired level of filtration for your application.