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Advantages of Industrial Polypropylene Double-layer Monofilament Filter Cloth

Double-layer monofilament filter cloth refers to a type of filter cloth that is made of double layers of monofilament, such as double-layer polypropylene monofilament and double-layer polyester monofilament. Polypropylene double-layer monofilament filter cloth is widely used in the industrial field.
Double-layer filter cloth is mainly used in horizontal belt filter cloth, as this type of industrial filter cloth is well-suited for the industrial field.


Advantages of Polypropylene Double-layer Monofilament Filter Cloth:

Material Advantage: Polypropylene material possesses Acid-resistant, high strength, smooth surface and light characteristics. These features are highly suitable for industrial applications, such as horizontal belt filter, vertical filters, leaf filters, and filtration equipment used in chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and power plant desulfurization processes.

Monofilament filter cloth has excellent stability, resisting stretching, shrinking, and folding during operation. Additionally, finishing processes such as heat setting and calendaring to a smooth surface of the monofilament filter cloth, facilitate easier cake discharge.

Double-layer filter cloth consists of a filtering layer on one side and a supporting layer on the other side. The two layers are interwoven and stacked together. When subjected to external forces such as pressure or tension from equipment, the double-layer filter cloth is better able to maintain its shape integrity and performance stability. It is less prone to deformation, damage, or rupture compared to a single-layer single-fiber structure. The double-layer design provides a longer service life, is less susceptible to folding or misalignment. Common types include double-layer polypropylene filament and double-layer polyester filament. The air permeability of the filter cloth can be adjusted through the calendering process to meet different working condition requirements.

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