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How to Choose the Best Performing Tower Press Filter Cloths

Filter cloth is a critical component of the filter and the filtration process is the separation of the materials by the filter cloth. Developing filter cloth is to serve the filtration processes, and how to choose the most suitable filter cloth is the most concerned issue. Regarding this issue, Bolian offers professional filtration cloth solutions for global customers.


Polyester and polypropylene are main materials used in an fully automatic tower press filter. In acid and weak alkaline conditions, polyester should be preferred, because the polyester filter cloth has a low elongation and good abrasion resistance under high tension. Polypropylene is used in strong alkaline conditions. Polyamide, Vinylon and other materials are used in special working conditions.




Based on nearly 30 years of experience in producing tower press filter cloth, Bolian, one of the leading filter press cloth suppliers in China, has great complexity and uncertainty during the running. Therefore, it is essential to consider many factors such as the filtration equipment, filtrates, and the working conditions when selecting the filter cloth. Then we can determine the raw material, structure, patterns and density of the filter cloth so that the efficiency, service life and other aspects can achieve the ideal state as much as possible. After continuous research and development, our products can be able to replace most imported products. Based on different working conditions, we develop various types of filter press cloth with different structures and air permeability, greatly improving filtration efficiency, and extending service life. Our products have a deformation rate of less than 1% and a longer service life compared to similar products in China.