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Electrolytic Diaphragm Fabric

Electrolytic Refining

Bolian is experienced in the electrolytic filtration field with over 25 years of diaphragm production experience. Yearly output of electrolytic cathode filter cloth and electrolytic anode filter cloth is 500,000 square meters.

Electrolytic Diaphragm Fabric

Electrolytic Diaphragm Bags

Diaphragm filter cloth developed by Bolian is used for the non-ferrous electrolytic refining processes and is also suitable for vulcanization and chlorination systems. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and R&D, Bolian is the supplier for a major international nickel smelting group and for China’s largest nickel-copper smelting company.

Electrolytic Cell

Electrolytic diaphragm cloths are used in electrolytic nickel equipment are mainly used in sulfide and chlorination systems under all mines. The electrolytic diaphragm cloth is developed by filter cloth supplier Bolian through many years of experience and stable customer resources.

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Electrolytic Cell
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