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Bolian successfully designed and developed the first patented tower press filter cloth in 1994. For nearly 30 years, we have been specializing in solid-liquid separation and focused on the research and development of industrial filter cloth. Now we have become a global supplier of industrial filter cloth, offering customized services.


We have invested in scientific research to overcome technological challenges. Therefore, we work together with colleges to develop new textile raw materials, yarns, and fabrics, which promote the transformation of intellectual output. So far, several domestic and international collaborative projects have been completed:


  • “Research on polypropylene raw material modification” - aiming at improving the current polypropylene products including polypropylene filter cloth with high deformation and low strength.

  • “Woven fabric coated processing” - applied to the production process of chlorination system in non-ferrous metal smelting effectively collects chlorine and other harmful gases due to its low permeability.

  • “Non-woven filter felt” - low elongation fabric is applied to efficient filtration of coal chemical and tailing products and fine filtration of food and pharmaceuticals.

Bolian brand awareness is gradually increasing, bringing more cooperative opportunities. In recent years, we have cooperated with many world-renowned enterprises. Our new projects, such as the “new filter press cloth-sealing method of high-pressure filter press cloth”, and “diaphragm bag used for electrowinning applied to chlorination system”, have been successfully applied in various industries.

Bolian offers excellent pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, combined with technological support. We have professional teams for both domestic and foreign markets, as well as an online operations team. We choose the appropriate filter press cloth, and filter cloth roll according to different working conditions. We regularly visit the customers’ sites to understand product usage, adjust technical processes, and resolve related issues according to new requirements, aiming at reducing costs and increasing efficiency.